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Doctor’s offices, Dentists offices , clinics, emergency response teams, nursing homes, home healthcare, rehab centers,


CPR Certification for Dental Offices, Caregivers, CNA`s, Nurses, Childcare, Preschools, Nursing Homes, Medical Students

Learn to Save a Life

cpr4everybody provides Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR/AED training and certification to all healthcare and childcare providers through the American Heart Association. anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area.

We go to healthcare providers and instruct the staff of Doctor’s offices, Dentists offices , clinics, emergency response teams, nursing homes, home healthcare, rehab centers, ALF and ACLF homes daycares, Preschools, and more.

We also provide CPR certification to non-healthcare businesses, such as daycares, churches, construction workers and charter boat crews.

It is important for everyone to know these basic life-saving skills, and to learn from instructors who have preformed CPR in real life situations. How to react and what to expect in an emergency is an important part of our training.

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Anyone wishing to learn these skills can be taught by us in an effective, engaging and relaxing manner. There is no need to make things complicated or hard to remember in an emergency.

We provide all materials and come to your location. After completion of the course, we will issue CPR cards and an emergemcy keychain breathing barrier.

About Us

Our company was established by Charles Barlet (Instructor ID #11102105656), who served 25 years in the fire service and 12 years in the U.S. Army, and is a member of the Army & Navy Union and AMVETS.

Charles retired from being a firefighter after 25 years, serving as a training officer for 22 of those years. He also worked for six years with SAS Ambulance Service, and is an American Heart Association Certified Instructor (BLS and HeartSaver).