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cpr4everybody, LLC  

CPR Certification for Dental Offices, Caregivers, CNA`s, Nurses, Childcare, Preschools, Nursing Homes, Medical Students
CPR & First Aid classes

CPR re-certification

cpr4everybody of Tampa Bay Florida can help your organization have CPR trained personnel on your staff, giving you an increased level of safety in your office, school or medical clinic environment.

Have a CPR trained employee on your restaurant staff to ensure the comfort and safety of your customers. We can teach CPR techniques and choking/Heimlich procedures. 

Our services can be conducted in your home, office or coordinated event space. We can work with state, federal and local agencies including the U.S. Coast Guard and boat captains.

We Offer:

Bloodborne Pathogens/HIV AIDS Training and Certification $20

BLS CPR/AED Certification/Renewal $35

CPR/AED Training and Certification $35

CPR/AED & First Aid Training and Certification $45

Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid (day cares, schools, etc.) $45


CPRAED: $35 per person; Groups of three or more: $30.00 per person

CPR/First Aid: $45.00 per person; Groups of three or more: $40.00 per person

Bloodborne Pathogens/HIV AIDS: $20.00 extra per person when taking CPR or First Aid Class


All pricing and courses include instructional handouts and CPR cards upon completion. Additionally, all students receive an emergency keychain breathing barrier.

Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers
Medical Students, Teachers, Parents